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Authorities have shut some government offices in Hong Kong's financial district after the worst violence the city has seen in decades.By Thursday morning the crowds had largely dispersed around government headquarters - where police and protesters had pitched battles on Wednesday.The protesters are angry about plans to allow extradition to mainland China.Despite the widespread opposition, the government has not backed down.However, Hong Kong's Legislative Council (LegCo) delayed a second reading of the controversial extradition bill and it is unclear when it will take place.How did the violence unfold?The second reading or debate over the extradition bill was originally scheduled for Wednesday.In an attempt to prevent lawmakers from participating in the debate, activists in the tens of thousands of blockaded key streets around the government headquarters in central Hong Kong. Police was also out in riot gear.Later the tensions boiled over as protesters tried to storm key government buildings demanding the bill be scrapped.Media captionHong Kong protesters force way into government building police responded by firing tear gas and rubber bullets to block them and get them to disperse. After hours of chaos, the crowd eventually dissipated overnight.Rights group Human Rights Watch accused the police of using "excessive force" against protesters.As it happened: Hong Kong protests turn ugly you need to know about the protestsTelegram founder links cyber attack to ChinaHong Kong-China extradition plans explained who are the protesters?Seventy-two people aged between 15 and 66 were injured in the violence, including two men who were in critical condition and some 21 police officers, nine of whom were taken to hospital.Two protesters have now been arrested for rioting, according to news site SCMP.An SCMP reporter said they were detained while trying to get a check-up in a hospital. They had reportedly revealed to medical officers that their injuries were a result of the protests.It is not clear if they are the same men who were described as critical.A Telegram group administrator has also been arrested for conspiracy to commit public nuisance, local news outlets reported.Ivan Ip was said to be the administrator of a group chat on Telegram - which has been used as one of the main channels of communication by protesters - which had 30,000 members.Reports say he is being accused of plotting with others to charge the LegCo building and blocking other neighboring roads.Image copyright BBC NEWSAfter the violence on Wednesday, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam, in a tearful address, called the protests "organized riots", and dismissed accusations that she had "sold out" Hong Kong.Only a handful of protesters remained in the central business district in the city on Thursday morning, though some roads and a downtown shopping mall still remain closed, said local broadcaster RTHK.Image captioning man remained picking up rubbish from the streetsImage captionThere is still a strong police presence around the downtown areas of the cityWhat we learned about Hong Kong's youth Martin Yip, BBC News Chinese, Hong KongThe morning after the most violent protests Hong Kong has seen in decades, the scene outside the Legislative Council complex is quiet.Debris is strewn about the roads - umbrellas, surgical masks - the aftermath of a serious confrontation.Areas are still being cordoned off by police in riot gear, but there are no signs of protesters returning.There is one elderly man shouting at police - he might seem like a lone voice, but anger against the police use of force is widespread.As things stand, there is no fixed date for the reading of the extradition bill, although we'd expect that to happen next week.Many members of the public, and the government will feel a sense of shock.They all learned something about Hong Kong's youth: the strength of their feeling about Hong Kong's political integrity is not to be underestimated.They also showed they can get organized very quickly and they are willing to take more radical measures than the generation that led the Occupy protests five years ago.What is the extradition plan?The government of Carrie Lam has proposed amendments to the extradition laws that would allow extradition requests from authorities in mainland China, Taiwan and Macau for suspects accused of criminal wrongdoing such as murder and rape.The requests would be decided on a case-by-case basis.The move came after a 19-year-old Hong Kong man allegedly murdered his 20-year-old pregnant girlfriend while they were holidaying in Taiwan together in February last year.The man fled to Hong Kong and could not be extradited to Taiwan because the two do not have an extradition treaty.Hong Kong has entered into extradition agreements with 20 countries, including the UK and the US, but an agreement with China has never been reached.Why are people angry about it?Hong Kong was a British colony from 1841 until sovereignty was returned to China in 1997.It is now part of China under a "one country, two systems" principle, which ensures that it keeps its own judicial independence, its own legislature, and economic system.Beijing's struggle to win Hong Kong's young hearts Hong Kong handover in a nutshell timeline of Hong Kong's history but people in Hong Kong are worried that should the extradition bill pass, it would bring Hong Kong more decisively under China's control.Image copyrightREUTERSImage captionDemonstrators are worried about what the passing of the bill would mean for Hong Kong"Hong Kong will just become another Chinese city if this bill is passed," one 18-year-old protester told the BBC.Most people in Hong Kong are ethnic Chinese but the majority of them don't identify as Chinese - with some young activists even calling for Hong Kong's independence from China.Critics of the bill, including lawyers and rights groups, also say China's justice system is marred by allegations of torture, forced confessions and arbitrary detentions.But Ms. Lam's government says the amendments are required to plug loopholes in the law that effectively make Hong Kong a haven for those wanted on the mainland.She has also said there will be legally binding human rights safeguards.What could happen next?Protests have quietened down for now but protesters are expected to return when the second reading of the bill eventually takes place.This time, police officers will be better prepared and it is possible that there could be a repeat of the violence that took place on Wednesday.Media captionPolice use tear gas on protesters but despite the protests, the bill is not likely to be scrapped - and this is due to the makeup of Hong Kong's parliament.The LegCo is elected in a very complex way, with not all seats directly chosen by Hong Kong's voters. Most seats not directly elected are occupied by pro-Beijing lawmakers likely to throw their support behind the bill.The passing of the bill is an outcome local protesters are unlikely to accept. In the end, it's going to come down to a battle of wills.

Activists in Hong Kong have called for a march on Sunday and a boycott of work and classes on Monday in protest against an extradition bill that could result in suspects being sent to mainland China.On Thursday, a day after a demonstration by thousands of people was violently cleared, a group of pro-democracy politicians and activists tried to march on the residence of Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, but were stopped by police.“We need to come out in unity. We call on all demonstrators. We can win if all of us come out,” said Lee Cheuk-yan, a politician and activist, condemning the police and Lam, who has been pushing the bill.Debate in the Legislative Council over the bill was postponed again on Thursday. The proposed law, which critics say Beijing could use to target political enemies in Hong Kong, has brought up to a million people on to the streets to protest. Beijing and Hong Kong authorities insist the law is aimed at combating crime.Quick guideWhat are the Hong Kong protests about?ShowDemonstrators and observers were shocked by the violence of Wednesday, when police charged on protesters, firing rubber bullets and teargas. At least 72 people were taken to hospital, two of whom were in a serious condition.“Emotionally, it’s devastating,” said Yoyo Chan, who has been staging a hunger strike and sit-in on a path just outside the government headquarters. After the protests were cleared on Wednesday, she went to help clean up rubbish left on the streets and found a backpack abandoned by a protester – a young girl, according to her ID card left behind.“She’s so young. [The protesters] are so hopeful and just want to help the city. The way they were oppressed yesterday, it’s heartbreaking,” Chan said.The city was slowly returning to normal after a shutdown on Wednesday. By Thursday morning main traffic arteries had been reopened and evidence of the protests – piles of broken goggles, bottles and umbrellas – had been shunted to the side of the road. Dozens of police patrolled the central Hong Kong area. Several shops in a mall near the site of the protests were shut.The mood was mostly upbeat on Thursday as dispersed groups of demonstrators organised supplies, cleaned up litter and chatted. In Tamar Park, outside the Legislative Council building where lawmakers will debate the proposed bill, a circle of demonstrators were singing worship songs accompanied by a saxophonist.Others were more defiant. A few dozen protesters on an overpass leading into the government complex faced off with police blocking their way. The group stood in silence, holding up laminated signs that said “Retract” and “Go Hong Kong”.Later in the day a new group arrived and held signs that said “Stop police brutality”. Secondary school students held signs up to the police that said “Stop shooting Hong Kong students”. One group of protesters chanted: “Stop all violence. Peace and love come to Hong Kong.” Mike Tsang, 23, a recent graduate, said: “We are coming here to show the police we won’t give up.”Nearby another group was sorting bags of helmets, face masks and other supplies, and trying to find places around the city to hide the items for when the protesters return. “Today we are safe,” said one of the protesters.Quick guideDemocracy under fire in Hong Kong since 1997ShowIn Tamar Park, another group was organising stations for food and water, first aid, and legal advice from social workers. A group of secondary students had come directly from school to bring snacks and fruit to the protesters, who planned to stay there until midnight. Some would camp overnight to keep watch over the supplies.Some worried that the postponement of the debate was a ruse to throw off demonstrators. A group of university students huddled in a shopping mall near the government buildings, texting contacts to mobilise a group to gather outside the Legislative Council and block any lawmakers in favour of the bill from entering.“Our only chance is to stop the lawmakers from coming in,” said Jason Fong, 19, who said lawmakers could go in on Thursday, stay overnight and hold the reading of the bill on Friday.The crackdown on the protests represented an escalation of police action against demonstrators. Pictures and videos on social media showed police firing rubber bullets and bean-bag rounds from shotguns, teargassing protesters and beating some with batons.1:38 Hong Kong police deploy rubber bullets and teargas on protesters – video reportMan-kei Tam, the director of Amnesty International Hong Kong, said: “This excessive response from police is fuelling tensions and is likely to contribute to worsening violence, rather than end it.”Two protesters treated in hospital were arrested, according to local media. Protesters have been obscuring their faces with masks and using encrypted messaging platforms.On Wednesday as police were clearing protests, the messaging service Telegram posted on Twitter that it was facing a “powerful DDos attack”, referring to a distributed denial of service attack, that originated in China.Despite the wave of opposition, Lam remains determined to put the bill to a vote, which would be likely to pass because of the dominance of pro-Beijing lawmakers in the legislature. Speaking on Wednesday evening, Lam said: “If I let him have his way every time my son acted like that, such as when he didn’t want to study, things might be OK between us in the short term. But if I indulge his wayward behaviour, he might regret it when he grows up. He will then ask me: ‘Mum, why didn’t you call me up on that back then?’” she said.SCMP News(@SCMPNews)Through tears, Carrie Lam says that she did not sell out #HongKong and that she believes the government has been doing the right thing all along. 13, 2019Lam has the support of Beijing. In an an English-language editorial, the state-run China Daily blamed “the opposition camp and its foreign masters” for riling up residents. “It is lawlessness that will hurt Hong Kong, not the proposed amendments to its fugitive law,” it said.How are you being affected by the Hong Kong protests? Read moreThe demonstrators disagree, pointing to the sense of community and collaboration fostered. Yau Wai Ping, an associate professor at Hong Kong Baptist University who was participating in a hunger strike, said: “The protest is bringing people together. The bill affects us all.”She added: “We don’t know whether we are going to achieve what we set out to, but long-term I am quite optimistic. So many positive things have come out of this. Long-term it will be the beginning of a new era, of the kind of community and civil society we want to make.”Since you’re here…… we have a small favour to ask. More people are reading and supporting our independent, investigative reporting than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford.The Guardian is editorially independent, meaning we set our own agenda. Our journalism is free from commercial bias and not influenced by billionaire owners, politicians or shareholders. No one edits our editor. No one steers our opinion. This is important as it enables us to give a voice to those less heard, challenge the powerful and hold them to account. It’s what makes us different to so many others in the media, at a time when factual, honest reporting is critical.

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Alone›Darkside›Do It All for You›Ignite›Move Your Body›On My Way›Sing Me to Sleep›The Spectre›Tired MAY32019Alan Walker at Landstreff Stavanger 2019Artist: Alan Walker, Venue: Kongeparken, Sandnes, Norway APR122019Alan Walker at Columbiahalle, Berlin, GermanyArtist: Alan Walker, Venue: Columbiahalle, Berlin, GermanyIntroAloneDifferent WorldSkyMake Your MoveSing Me to SleepLonelyLegends Never DieHymn for the WeekendFlaresArcturusDarkside ... MAR232019Alan Walker at Pa'l Norte Music Fest 2019Artist: Alan Walker, Venue: Parque Fundidora, Monterrey, Mexico MAR32019Alan Walker at Carnaval do Mirante 2019Artist: Alan Walker, Venue: Mirante Beagá, Belo Horizonte, Brazil MAR12019Alan Walker at Domos Art, Lima, PeruArtist: Alan Walker, Venue: Domos Art, Lima, Peru FEB232019Alan Walker at Electric Daisy Carnival Mexico 2019Artist: Alan Walker, Venue: Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Mexico City, Mexico FEB92019Alan Walker at The Belasco, Los Angeles, CA, USAArtist: Alan Walker, Venue: The Belasco, Los Angeles, CA, USA DEC212018Alan Walker at STUDIO COAST, Tokyo, JapanArtist: Alan Walker, Tour: Different World Tour , Venue: STUDIO COAST, Tokyo, JapanDarksideAll Falls DownThe SpectreHymn for the WeekendFaded DEC142018Alan Walker at Albert Hall, Manchester, EnglandArtist: Alan Walker, Tour: Different World Tour , Venue: Albert Hall, Manchester, England DEC82018Alan Walker at Palladium, Cologne, GermanyArtist: Alan Walker, Tour: Different World Tour , Venue: Palladium, Cologne, Germany

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在地逢甲 大家好,我是在地逢甲創辦人 藍鵲,首先感謝各位逢甲人這幾年的支持、鼓勵與指教,讓在地逢甲從一個方便自己的小工具,成為一個數萬逢甲人喜愛的品牌。過去數年裡,在地逢甲曾經受到有心人士的惡意抹黑,有校內資訊技術性社團使用惡意攻擊手段,企圖破壞在地逢甲的服務,甚至是數度在dcard上留下在地逢甲的目的,是利用廣告賺錢的不實指控,在此本人深感遺憾與痛心。在地逢甲至今從未接受過任何人或校方單位的贊助,僅僅收過一筆Google聯播網廣告約3000元的收益,所有的營運資金及花費的時間均是本人一人承擔,程式、美工、行銷甚至是客服都是本人一人完成,每年不計算人力之必要成本就已高達7000~10000元,從身為學生時就無償提供免費的服務給所有逢甲人至今,3000元遠遠不夠補貼成本。在此在地逢甲必須很遺憾得宣布,將會關閉在地逢甲的服務,即日起,在地逢甲APP已停止更新,Android停止全數服務,iOS版本仍然會提供本學期最後一次總成績查詢分流通道,並預計於6/30移除APP所有資訊並下架,至於Chrome版本目前仍持續更新及服務,關閉時間未訂。雖然不捨,但天下沒有不散的宴席,身為畢業校友,亦無太多時間持續免費提供2萬人使用的服務,畢竟在地逢甲也從未帶給我任何實質收益,最後,在此祝福所有為逢甲無私、犧牲及奉獻的逢甲人,都能得到尊重以及公道。在地逢甲創辦人 / 告白逢甲小編 / 愛逢主編 在地逢甲(最初名稱為逢甲碼頭,成立於2014年暑假,以 ⌜我是逢甲人,我的夢聚集碼頭⌟ 為標語,提供逢甲大學校園活動、影音、逢甲人好文等服務項目,致力於凝聚逢甲人的情感,成功在當時引起不小關注, 可惜半個學期之後,在創辦人事務繁忙的因素下,決定關閉網站。2016 年適逢校方大幅度更新校園官網,網站動線複雜導致學生怨聲四起,因緣際會下 ⌜逢甲碼頭⌟ 更名為 ⌜在地逢甲⌟ ,並在2016年2月20日正式推出 Chrome 擴充外掛,服務逢甲人至今。⌜在地逢甲⌟ 整理了逢甲人最常用到的資訊網站,一鍵即可直達,也可直接連結到行事曆、選課行事曆,不用在茫茫的網站裡找它們的身影,此外,⌜在地逢甲⌟ 還整理了選課、考試和大型校園活動等日期,一目瞭然,偶爾的推播提醒更是令使用者倍感貼心。推出後也成功在校園引起討論,在三個平台上均深獲逢甲人好評,至今邁入第三個年頭,在師生們口耳相傳下,Chrome 擴充外掛下載已經突破 9600 人次,每週活躍使用者達 2000 人,而APP下載次數也近 8000 次!

創辦故事「各位同學到這裡有沒有問題?」台下一片靜默,教授帶著尷尬的笑容,回過頭繼續了下一章的課程。學習缺乏互動、師生缺少溝通橋樑,這是台灣教育現場普遍存在的問題,也是學悅科技故事的起始點。為了解決這個問題,當時就讀於臺灣大學電機研究所的四位創辦人,發揮在網路和軟體的特長,開發出一套雲端即時互動系統,並以台語「趣味學 促咪呦」命名為 Zuvio,希望能藉由 Zuvio 讓師生間有更多互動的機會。後來系統經過不斷改進,得到許多教授的青睞,在這樣的機緣下,我們於2013年3月創立學悅科技股份有限公司。公司成立以來,吸引許多志同道合,對教育有熱忱的夥伴加入。我們重視並且傾聽使用者的心聲,不斷地改善系統,並提供許多貼心的服務和趣味的活動,希望能對臺灣教育有更多的貢獻。在短短兩年之間,Zuvio 累積近上萬的教師和二十萬的學生用戶,目前使用人數仍持續成長中。此外,有鑒於互動問題並非僅存于學校的課堂,在企業部分,我們將 Zuvio 推向更多元的應用層面,提供有效的互動培訓課程、回饋意見整合機制,藉此創造優良的企業溝通文化。最佳的即時互動解決方案有效地即時互動為 Zuvio 的初衷。我們希望透過各式優秀的產品與世界對話,讓各種現場中,人與人的溝通能更加緊密且即時。